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CMBT Training Centre is now open!
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CMBT Training Centre

CMBT Training Centre is a premium martial arts facility by the team at CMBT Nutrition and partners. With over 600sqm of training space, there will be no other facility that can cater for the combat athlete like CMBT Training Centre.

Until now, combat athletes would have to travel between gyms to get the training they need. CMBT Training Centre is a one stop facility with world class coaching and facilities to cater to every individual, at any level.

Whether you are a beginner trying martial arts for the first time, or a seasoned competitor pushing for a world title, we have what you need.

  • 600sqm of training space
  • 150 sqm of mat space
  • MMA cage
  • MA1 & Alphafit strength & conditioning equipment
  • Strength & conditioning coaches
  • Dietitian on-site
  • Massage Therapist on-site
  • Male & female showers and change rooms
  • Plus so much more


What's available at CMBT Training Centre

Striking | BJJ | No Gi | Wrestling | MMA | S&C

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